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Title : Sexy Teacher
Dated Released : 16 November 2006 (South Korea)
Country : Korea
Quality : HDTV.720p-djXpire
Starring : Sa-rang Kim, Seok-jin Ha and Seon-yeong Ahn
Genre : Comedy
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Subtitle Indonesia | English
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Sinopsis : Ah, remember the days when we were young students with young student teachers who were absolutely beautiful, but oh-so out of our leagues? Kim Yu-Seong, the writer/director of Hot for Teacher (AKA: Who Slept With Her? or the appropriately titled Sexy Teacher) seems to remember that time very well. Led by a sexy but empty performance by former Miss Korea Kim Sa-Rang, Hot for Teacher is a high spirited sex comedy that's a refreshing change from my steady diet of melodramatic Korean comedies. That's right, this time, there's no terminal disease and no real violence to speak of, just good, clean lowbrow comedic fun.

Ji-Young (Kim Sa-Rang) has been placed into a religious all-boys high school as a student teacher. Her arrival brings the entire school to a standstill, with one student even squeezing his milk carton and spurting milk out (guess what that imagery is supposed to represent). Being a Korean high school, the students are ruled by the iron fist of the dean of students, who's called "Slanted Eyes" and literally shoots laser beams at those that cross him. At the school festival, he hears some amorous noises in the library, and soon after discovers a shoe that belongs to Ji-Young. Determined to find out who did it, Slanted Eyes uses his brain's flashback function and pins down three possible suspects: lady killer Tae-Yo (Ha Seok-Jin), who is legendary for being able to get into a girl's pants within five minutes; Jae-Seong (veteran actor Park Jun-Gyu), whose appearance is explained by a mishap with herbal medicine; and class pervert Myong-Sub, who gets right to the point regarding his intentions with Ji-Young. They all have tried at one point or another to go after Ji Young, but there can be only one.

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